"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
Edith Wharton
Established in 2014, Light of Music Symphony Orchestra is formed of a modern-instrument symphonic
orchestra and a Persian chamber orchestra under the direction of our principal conductor Babak Kazemi.
Based in London, Light of Music Symphony Orchestra has a wide reaching programme of music ranging
from early Baroque to contemporary classical and world music.

Furthermore, as part of Light of Music and in line with its aspirations, Light of Music Symphony
Orchestra’s community and educational projects form a vibrant strand of its activities.

Light of Music Symphony Orchestra welcomes talented students and young musicians (grade 8 or above)
to our orchestral projects in order to provide an opportunity to experience playing in a professionally
supported orchestra at the highest level.
Members enjoy:

The opportunity to meet regularly and play music together.

Free membership to those who show professionalism and dedication towards the orchestra.

Exciting and adventurous programs including world premiere events, supported by sectional coaching.

Opportunities to play in prestigious halls and opera houses.

Playing in our international tours and concerts.

In addition to offering free memberships and in order to provide financial support to those dedicated
members who share their passion for music with us, we share a portion of the profit from the concerts
based on their commitment to the orchestra.

Performing frequently with internationally renowned soloists and conductors.

Giving concerto opportunities to the excellent players in the orchestra.

The support of Light of Music’s full-time management team
Joining Light of Music Symphony Orchestra

Light of Music Symphony Orchestra is currently accepting applications to join our orchestra. If you’re
interested we’d love to hear from you. To apply for an orchestral position please email:
Hiring the Orchestra

Light of Music Symphony Orchestra is available for hire for a variety of events such as concerts,
recordings, choral society accompaniment and corporate/private functions and events. With reasonable
and affordable rates, we have musical groups of all sizes to suit any venue and event.

When it comes to music making we do not compromise on quality of service and you are assured of a
friendly and professional service. Each LMPO performance is delivered with a combination of
professionalism, precision and enthusiasm. It is these outstanding qualities, alongside our every effort to
avoid prohibitive costs associated with hiring an orchestra that makes hiring LMPO an unforgettable
experience equal to none.
Persian Chamber Orchestra

Light of Music Persian Orchestra is a chamber orchestra like no other!  What distinguishes us is the use of Western baroque period instruments alongside Persian instruments. The orchestra has an exceptionally wide reaching programme, ranging from early baroque to contemporary compositions specifically written for Baroque period instruments, Persian orchestral songs and operatic performances.

We aim to bring Eastern and Western classical music together - two very different worlds which are impossible to come together except in the medium of art and music. Our audience are often surprised to hear how close the Eastern and Western period instruments sound together.

Please check our website or Facebook page for more exciting news about our Persian Chamber orchestra.

Joining  Persian Chamber Orchestra

Light of Music is currently accepting applications for Persian Orchestra. You can apply to join us, if you play a Baroque period instrument or a Persian instrument.

To apply please email apply@Lightofmusic.com.